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We are actively looking for development opportunities from single luxury homes to multi-unit houses 
and apartment schemes.

We are cash buyers. What this means is that we can buy sites with or without planning and all sites 
are bought with available funds in place, so we can act quickly without the need for lengthy loan 
facilities to be put in place.

Our ideal sites are from 1-50 units with a land price of between £1m and £5m.

We will always recognise genuine land introductions with appropriate agent fees and, wherever possible, we will re-instruct selling agents on our new homes.

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We often work with land owners who want to maximise the return from their important assets and we have several ways that we have done that.

When land is sold, there is a considerable tax burden on both parties, whether that’s the Stamp Duty, a capital gain or another duty payable. Almost always, there are efficient savings for the landowner if they are prepared to remain involved in the development until the properties are sold, which ultimately will create a value far in excess of selling the land outright.

We take care of all aspects of the development and the landowner benefits as we use our skills to maximise the return on their asset.

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